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Proper hydration is essential for all life. The average human body is 70% water, and that’s just to make up your vital organs, never mind running bodily processes.  Your body needs this water to be replenished all the time because it is using the water constantly.


Human beings need at least 2 liters of water to survive every day—this is not to do well, mind you, this is bare minimum to stay alive. The average bottle of water is between 18 and 20 ounces; means that you need at least two commercially available bottles of bottled water every day of your life in order to not die.


You shouldn’t have to just survive. You should thrive, and one way to thrive is to make sure you are properly hydrated, to be certain that you’ve left enough bottle caps behind (which we presume that you’ve recycled).


So why is it so important that you use enough bottle caps each day? Go through our various pages to learn why you need to hydrate yourself, and how best to do that.